This is the phase where we provide multiple scaled permitting plans that show all building and design features and how they relate to one another for approval. It is at this stage that we also provide more specifics on materials grade, color, style, size, design elements, planting arrangements and plant varieties. It and begin to request bids to begin construction. At this phase adjustments can be made to make the design more budget-friendly if necessary.

TEST MODELSBLEU onsite - mock up
There are occasions that sometimes require optional services to pre-install a working mockup on a site. This stage is allows the client an opportunity to envision material and scale and make any final decisions—such as pattern pavings, waterfall water flow, or height relationships within an actual site space.

This is the FINAL architectural plan phase necessary for permitting and land clearing to begin. The FINAL architectural plans are the final tools we create to acquire final construction working bids and final county or city sign-off to begin construction. The Construction Documentation (CD) phase begins after the client approves the final working design plans of landscape and hardscape elements. The CD set includes layout plans, grading plans, hardscape plans and details, planting plans, lighting, irrigation and any specialty plans that are needed to create the approved design. The CD’s are technical drawings that are distributed to the builder and various contractors and are used directly for building the project. Any discrepancies are coordinated with the Landscape Architect to create the landscape design that the architect and client have discussed in details throughout the process.