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What are the current beliefs about your outdoor living space? What are your lifestyle behaviors within your outdoor space and home? How can we reflect your beliefs and behaviors to accentuate your lifestyle ambitions. The Design Process for Landscape Architecture is all about you. When you hire a Landscape Architect, you hire someone that has the ability to create environments that will reflect your individual lifestyle. Landscape Architects are trained to be sensitive to the world around them and to their client’s needs.  GardenBleu’s consultancy process is the first step in understanding the unique relationship between client and landscape design. It is also at this phase that we discuss the scale, budget and the reality of possible temporary disturbances that may be required for your dream renovation to become a reality. This interview of the client is an important phase in the definition of design scope to provide information on what areas need to be addressed and to make sure we have a clear plan to meet the objectives and client expectations for individualization and lifestyle requirements.

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Here is a list of questions we may ask in our first meeting;

Are your looking to make changes because of a new lifestage? Have you recently become an empty nester? Purchased your secondary home? recently retired? or looking forward to enjoying seasonal entertaining?

What are the current beliefs about your current outdoor living spaces? What are your lifestyle behaviors within those outdoor spaces? Are your open to changing your beliefs and behaviors within those spaces?© Lori Hamilton Photography

What are your expectation regarding the budget and value of the space?

Some design concepts take additional growing time, the reality of building a dream outdoor space may take some time and create a time-line that may or may not work within the the clients expectations? How soon do you envision this type of project to be completed? This question is important to clear communication between designer and client for meeting expectations.