Concept development, whether that’s through outdoor re-identification of a space, expanding its lifestyle use, or creating new design. As a landscape architecture design firm we will design beautiful, useful, simple and true outdoor living spaces.

Before we begin any design sketch we verify and confirm with collier county and Naples city design any restrictions that need to be considered in creating any new or redesigned landscape design. Our years of experience provides us with knowledge in an acceptable permitting process prior to the first drawing and the ability to achievable design concepts within Southwest Florida.

BLEU special call out area sketchesCONCEPT SKETCHES & CONCEPT BOARDS
This is the first step to conceptualizing. It is the design icebreaker meeting. This is our first conversation with our clients where we provide hand-rendered or computer illustrated  design concepts to start an open conversation of your dream landscape concept.

This phase takes the design concepts to the next phase of design, through working meeting we begin to evolve the design process through more detailed illustrations into concrete design ideas with specifics on details, size, and materials.BLEU detail sketch

Occasionally some projects require optional detailed rendering services that can be part of the design development for better understanding of unique aspects of a design projects. These optional renderings may include shadecaping or on-site 3D rendered photos.

BLEU 2d rendering B&A 2

This optional before-and-after digital 2 dimensional rendering is a service that can help owners and architects envision new construction landscape designs prior to construction completion for a faster design turn-around while building construction is still in process.

This optional before-and-after digital 3 dimensional renderings provides a conceptual illustration for a walk-around effect of a specific site and can provide necessary design information prior to installation on all areas that may be impacted by design choices.

BLEU Construction ModelThis optional design service provides an even higher level of understanding to show the actual three dimensitional plan before installation within a working model of foam or paper to illustrate the space and scale of all components in relationship to persons and installation. 

This optional design service provides necessary design information when designing a plant or natural light landscape in Southwest Florida. The sun is an important part of any landscape design and in our tropical location of Southwest Florida it can quickly become painfully uncomfortable if the space does not take into account direct sunlight all day. We can help you envision a shade plan for seasonal shadow study_Feb20changes to sun patterns for a specific time of day, time of year and full enjoyment of the intended space for entertaining or relaxing. { Click shadescaping image for a demo }