Warming Trends in Outdoor Living

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Fire tables, fire pits and fire features are a huge trend in outdoor and backyard landscape design. Homeowners and Designers can choose from a wide range of materials to create a variety of styles to fit any home design—from modern to traditional. There are several options to take into consideration when designing a fire pit for your outdoor living space and from my experience it should begin with location, location, location. Fire Pits can become a focal point in an outdoor living space, either as a starting point or or visual anchor point within the garden landscape. They can be simple, such as a bowl being purchased and delivered, or they can be more customized as a built-in outdoor features. Incorporating a fire pit into your outdoor living area provides soft natural lighting, added warmth, and a welcoming environment for entertaining guests as well as an comforting area for entertaining and dining.

Seven tips to keep in mind when designing your Fire Pit:

fire_terrace_14_crop• Location. Location. Location: incorporate your fire pit to include a view, whether it be a waterfront view, golf view or a flowering screen. These elements add to the drama of the environment. Position your fire pit within the landscape so that it does not impede the natural flow of the use of the space. Create it so that it has multiple uses: a quiet place to relax, a place to entertain. Whether the fire pit is on or off, it should still be visually appealing.

What’s a pit without a fire?: Incorporate an always ready supply of gas. We advise a gas tank to be installed and that a gas supply company refills the tank occasionally instead of taking on the responsibility yourself; otherwise you may find the challenge of unexpectedly running out of gas when you could be enjoying the relaxation of your fire pit.

See the light: incorporate lighting under seating, along pathways or moonlit through palms to create moon shadows for a more romantic look.IMG_4083

• Keep it simple and keep it safe: a remote control device is perfect for controlling the instant use of your investment. And, be sure to always follow all recommended safety precautions and specifications.

Function & utility: incorporate enough seating and storage for your style of entertaining. Perhaps the use of built-in benches as utility for storage fits your lifestyle. Storing your outdoor furniture cushions & accents can ease impromptu entertaining. You’ll be more apt to use the space more often if the area is ready and available at all times. Or your solution could be moveable seating that adds flexibility and a cost savings.

IMG_5934Noise can be a downer: noise such as AC venting, neighboring pool equipment and traffic can undo a relaxing environment. Soundscaping can be incorporated to mask unpleasant sounds. Speakers can also be added to create a mask and a pleasant environment or positioning of the fit pit location in design.

Design, dream & live: working with a licensed landscape architect can provide you with 2D renderings and offer suggestions on how to design your dream living space when taking all points above into consideration.